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Caramels - food dyes

Natural dyes - caramels are brown pigments produced by controlled heating of sugar. In the food industry has a wide range of applications, for example in the traditional brewing process, for coloring a wide range of spirits, or also in the meat industry.

Information for customers

Caramels are packed in plastic, metal or other harmless packaging.

Minimum durability caramels: 12 months from the date of stock

Storage caramels

Products are stored in a dry and clean room protected against the effects of daylight, at 0-20 ° C and relative humidity 75%.

Offer caramels are intended for:
Caramels - food dyes
product number product name l/100 l(kg) durability
0050940 Food caramel beer E150c 0,5-1 12 month
0050900 Food caramel E150c 0,05 12 month
0050910 Food caramel spirit E150a 0,1 12 month
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Alcoholic flavorings, spice blends, emulsions and food dyes – caramels

Flavors - aroma

Food flavorings (formerly essences) are products containing flavoring agents used in the impoverishment of various food products.

Spice extracts

The spice extracts are powdery seasoning mixes, which are used for flavoring food products, preferably capable to replace the use of classical condiments.

Caramels - food dyes

Natural dyes – caramels are brown pigments produced by controlled heating of sugar.


Emulsions are culinary preparations in a liquid medium, determined to flavor meat and food products.

Canning extracts

Canning extracts are prepared by dissolving natural essential oils or natural spice extracts in a gentle refined alcohol.

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